Title: Balika
Direction: Lander Ibarretxe, Aitor Sánchez Smith
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 78 min
Status: In progress
Country: Nepal
Location: Kathmandu, TatoPany
Language: Nepali
Subtitles: Euskera, Català, Castellano, English


Balika tells the story of Dipendra and Susmita, two teenagers who live in an orphanage in Kathmandu. Like all their friends, they were abandoned by their families. As the film unfolds, we see how they are compelled to take decisions for which they are unprepared. Susmita will reject her family and Dipendra will travel back to the past in search of answers.
Currently in postproduction.

Selected in the ZinebiNetworking 2019 Festival.

Direction: Lander Ibarretxe, Aitor Sánchez Smith
Cinematographer: Lander Ibarretxe
Production company: Veredastudio, Nightwalk films
Sound: Diego Marques
Editor: Nestor Ares
COLOR: Fabian Matas
MUSIC: David de la Varga, Rameshwor Maharjan
Sound Mix: David de la Varga